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Wonderful Wellness

Wellness & Relaxation Procedures

Allow yourself to slow down and relax, reveal the secrets of relaxing rituals and reward yourself with at least a few moments, during which you will be relieved of your everyday problems and troubles.

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Refine your stay with a luxury procedure

In our abundant offer, you will find various kinds of herbal baths, luxury massages, and other procedures.

Herbal Baths

Bath Of Oak Bark With Mineral Water

It has constricting and anti-inflammatory effects and removes excessive perspiration. It also helps with frostbite or mild burns and it soothes skin inflammations. It is a traditional means used to stop problems with haemorrhoids.

Bath Of Lavender With Mineral Water

It has positive effects on depressive and stressful condition as well as psychic weariness. An agreeably smelling lavender bath completely relaxes and calms down the organism. It also reduces headaches.

Bath Of Rosemary With Mineral Water

It is an excellent stimulating bath for melancholic condition. It helps to stimulate the nervous system and reduces memory failures. It is suitable for rheumatic condition as well as for arthritis and some kinds of headache. This bath is not convenient before going to sleep.

Bath Of Chamomile With Mineral Water

It has anti-inflammatory and healing effect. It has positive effects on greasy hair and skin and prevents the skin from formation of scars. It is suitable for light burns of the skin and injuries difficult to heal.

Bath Of Horsetail With Mineral Water

An excellent bath for the patients suffering from backaches, painful joints or rheumatic condition. It is helpful for badly healing wounds and ulcers.

Softening Honey Bath With Mineral Water

It has positive effects on irritated skin. Containing B-carothen it helps after excessive sunbathing. The bath is excellent as an effective mean against nervousness or unstable sleep.

Stimulating Fruit Bath With Mineral Water

It has regenerative and refreshing effects. It is suitable as a strengthening bath against tiredness and fatigue.

Anti-Cellulite Wine Bath With Mineral Spring Water

This bath contains a real red wine in combination with oil ingredient – with grape/wine oil which is a source of unique natural anti-oxidants which remove free radicals that cause skin aging and loss of elasticity. The bath leaves a pleasant refreshing feelings, pleasant aroma and fine and leaving the skin velvety a elastic. The red wine adds a fine pinkish color to the bath.

Aromatic Massage

The massage oil is prepared from cold-pressed almond oil into which natural ethereal oils are added. The essences penetrate to the body through the skin during the massage and at the same time they are inhaled by the patient. The delight of the scent is connected with the healing power of a touch.

Antistress Massage

It is a full body massage for reaching simple and quick restoration of physical and mental health. Only pleasant and gentle touches and strokes are used by the masseur, no hits. Antistress massage expels bad temper and stress from the patient’s body.

Manager Massage Of Head

It is a very pleasant relaxation massage of the head, the scalp and the neck. It induces feeling of maximum relaxation as it lowers tension in the neck muscles, which are the first organs in human body that react on excess of stress.

Anticlellulite Slimming Massage with a Wrap

This procedure consists of exact combination of massage touches that result in gradual removing of cellulite and smoothing the skin. It activates the lymph and supports its detoxifying abilities (washing away the sediments from the subcutis.) The massage is provided in combination with a special wrap using a natural four-component thermoactive product Thermoiodosal.

Thermoiodosal contains:

  • organic iodin that eliminates fatty pads
  • seaweeds supporting elimination of fat sediments and excreting the waste matter
  • sea salt stimulating the metabolism
  • ginger with cinnamon bringing about a thermoeffect – an intesive heating of tissue

As early as the first procedure is provided the following effects are apparent: reducing of cellulite, improving of quality and flexibilty of the skin (smoothing, softening and firming), remodelling of the figure, reducing of the body volume (slimming), pleasant and relaxed feeling. It is suitable to have a shower before this treatment so that the efficacious substances could be absorbed in the skin better.

Chocolate Massage With a Wrap

This treatment is excellent for smoothing your skin, removing cellulite, washing away toxic substances, relaxing the stiff muscles and for obtaining good humor. It uses the benefits of cocoa contained in chocolate, which prevents penetrating of free radicals. The treatment is harmonizing and stimulating freely. Theobromin contained in cocoa has similar effects like caffeine but not so strong. It influences the vascular endings in the skin and activates metabolism.

Chocolate can stimulate production of dopamine in the brain and release endorphins and serotonin, which are the sources of happiness. The treatment consists of peeling, a wrap and a massage. Peeling, using orange oil and Himalayan salt according to an ancient recipe, removes impurities from your skin so that a warming chocolate wrap can be applied. The wrap supplies your body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

After the warm wrap you will be provided with the final relaxation massage using chocolate cream with extracts of water melon, which are rich in vitamin A and have anti-aging and nourishing effects on the skin.

Chocolate Bath

It is a hyperemic bath the temperature of which is about 34°C and which is prepared from Holland cocoa, almond oil and an addition of ethereal oil. The bath has an anti-cellulite effect.

Honey Detox Massage

Honey detox massage is a gem among massages. It is focused on the spine region where the reflex zones are located and then joined by neural ways with particular organs. Massage of these zones results in strengthening and curing of the relevant organs. It is also suitable as a prevention of civilization diseases which are related to sedimentation of toxins in the body. The healing force of honey has a beneficial effect on the body under stress, tiredness or sleeplessness as well as in case of neural disorders. It also has an anti-aging effect.

Honey Dream

Enjoy a relaxing bath as the queen Cleopatra! Milk, honey, almond oil, vitamin E and extract from natural beeswax caring for your skin. Аromatherapy massage is making with high-quality honey oil.

Cleopatra Bath

This relaxation bath with temperature 34° – 37°C is suitable for dry skin. The bath consists of whey, ethereal oils and mineral water. It is nourishing and has a very pleasant smell (its unique aroma is prepared by our own recipe.) The skin keeps very smooth and soft after the bath.

Indian Massage

  • The Indian massage is an excellent prevention of diseases and an effective means for reaching good physical condition and mental well-being.
  • The massage helps in the conditions of headaches, migraines, arthritis, sciatica, backaches, desensitization and paralysis.
  • The massage releases toxins from the joints, muscles and tissues. It improves the capability of food intake, loosens the blocks of energy, increases the blood and lymphatic circulation and decreases pains in the muscles and in the joints. The Indian massage improves excretion of wastes from the body and strenghtens the nervous system. It facilitates relaxation and regeneration. It removes the pains in the spine and increases flexibility of the body.
  • The Indian massage supports blood supply to the scalp skin and so growth of hair and its quality is stimulated. You can discover the secret of beautiful hair of Indian women.
  • Warm coconut oil is used for the Indian massage.

Indian Massage Of The Head

The Indian massage of the head is a gentle and curative treatment for head, neck, shoulders and upper arms. It removes everyday stress, headache, eye pains, the tension in shoulders and neck. It also improves the quality of hair and brings about a feeling of mental comfort. In general, the Indian massage brings physical and mental harmony to the organism.

Hawaii Massage Lomi Lomi

A traditional massage originated in Hawaii islands is based on rhythmic techniques derived from traditional Hawaii dances. It removes tension in the muscles and improves the client’s mobility. It releases pain in the muscles and harmonizes the nervous system. It helps to treat conditions of neurosis, insomnia and migraine. It has beneficial effect on the skin.

Our Services for the Harmony of the Body and Soul

Apart from a wide selection of spa procedures, the Royal Regent also offers its unique Skyland Wellness Centre on the top floor of the hotel, the Sambutan Bodycare Studio, and the Four Elements of Beauty.

Which comfort suits you?

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