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Primary Procedures

The spa treatment consists of several primary procedures.

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Primary Procedure Descriptions & Indications

Note: Procedures marked with an asterisk (*) are administered subject to previous a medical examination.

Carbonic Bath*

The bath is prepared by saturating normal or mineral water with carbon dioxid (CO2). The effect of the bath depends on its temperature and on the amount of CO2 in the water. The treatment is suitable for many disorders such as heart and vascular diseases or afflictions of nervous or blood circulation systems

Peat Compress – Pelotherm*

It is a hyperthermal treatment using a natural healing substance called „peloid“ prepared in one-time compresses, which are heated to 46°C and then put on the treated parts of the body according to the doctor‘s prescription. This treatment is an ideal preparation before other therapies.

Bubble Bath

It is a slightly hyper thermal bath 34°C – 37°C with main effect being in micro-massage of skin and its relaxation. It has soothing effect with neurosis and locomotor system diseases, with pains in the joints and in the spine as well as with sleeping disorders.

Peat Bath*

Peat as a natural healing source is used in this treatment. The temperature of the bath is 37°C – 40°C, so that the bath is strongly hyperemic. The treatment has excellent results with rheumatic diseases and arthritis, it releaves backaches and pains in joints and muscles, it heals eczema, acne and skin inflammation, and it improves function of the perspiration glands.

Kromě výše popsaných patří mezi hlavní procedury také klasická masáž pro těhotné*.

Individual Exercise Therapy*

This is the most important and most highly specialized me­thod of rehabilitation. A mutual trust and collaboration between the therapist and the patient is critical in order to achieve positive results. Disorders of the locomotive and neuromuscular apparatuses are positively influenced.

Exercise Therapy in Pool*

This treatment combines the benefits of exercise with the benefits of being submerged in warm water, which enables easier movement and exercising.


It is a special intensive whirling massage that stimula­tes various individual spots on the patient’s body (located on the back, legs and arms) according to an exactly adjusted program. During the treatment the patient’s muscles are heated and released, the blood supply is improved and the whole organism is relaxed.

Reflex Massage*

It is a highly specialized rehabilitation procedure performed by a professio­nally trained therapist. The objective of this massage is to affect the reflex changes caused by a pathological process, which are situated in the skin, muscles and periost.

Classical Massage

It is provided by a skilled therapist (masseur) using special touches and grips to influence the trophic of the skin, subcutis and muscles. The general purpose of the massage is stimulation of the receptors. The relaxation effects of the massage are both local and total. Special massage cremes and oils are used and as a result the massage is very pleasant and has a strong psychotherapeutic effect.

Underwater Massage*

It is a massage provided in a water environment. It combines the effects of a total thermal bath and a massage. It helps with relaxation of the muscles, blood supply to the skin and stimulates the lymphatic system.

Oat Bath

It is a special bath prepared from 100% oat powder and mineral water and heated to 34°C – 37°C. The bath heats up the body mildly and has relaxing and regenerating effect. It is suitable for both children and adults with very atopic and dry skin. The oat bath soothes irritated skin, itching spots, and allergic dermatitis.

Iodine Bromide Bath

Natural iodine bromide salt without any added colorants, fragrances, emulsifiers or preservatives is used for the preparation of this bath. The procedure is indicated for post-injury musculoskeletal conditions, gynaecological diseases, hypertension, rheumatic diseases, arthrosis and skin diseases.

Thermal Spring Bath

Natural healing water from a hot mineral spring is used for preparing the bath, which is rich in mineral salts and humid acids and contents spring carbonic gas. The temperature of the bath is up to 37°C, the bath is warmer than the body surface and thus the heat flows from the bath into the skin.

Vortex Flow*

It is a whirling bath similar to Hydroxer – but massaging is not provided gradually but to the whole body in the same time. The temperature of the bath is 34°C – 37°C. During the treatment the patient’s muscles are heated and released, the blood supply and metabolism are improved and the whole organism is relaxed.

All Spa Procedures Overview

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Primary Procedures

Basis of the spa treatment and the treatment plan

Secondary Procedures

Complement of the spa treatment plan

Additional Procedures

Procedures not included in hotel packages

Wellness & Relaxation

Aesthetic therapeutic and relaxation procedures

Standard Medical Services

St. Joseph’s Spa offers a wide spectrum of medical services:






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