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Particular Potential Procedures

Additional Procedures

St. Joseph’s Spa offers a wide choice of additional procedures ranging from classic to cutting-edge spa treatment methods.

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Additional Procedure Descriptions & Indications

These procedures are not included in the packages and need to be ordered extra.
Note: Procedures marked with an asterisk (*) are administered subject to previous a medical examination.

St Joseph Bath

It is a relaxation bath at the temperature of 34° – 37°C, using mineral water with herbal ingredients (mountain pine, lemongrass, lavender.) The bath is warming up and pleasantly aromatic.

Mechanical Lymph Drainage*

This procedure assists in the drainage of lymph nodes and vessels using air chambers that are gradually filled by a compressor in the direction running from the distil parts towards the proximal parts of the body. Both the pressure and the program are adjustable. After the first cycle is finished the air is let out of the chambers and the whole cycle is repeated.

Colonic Irrigation*

In this treatment water is used for a cleansing irrigation of the colon. A specific amount of water is repeatedly injected into the colon using a simple device. The irrigation is suitable as a cleansing washout for treating stubborn constipation and for detoxication of the organism.

Reflex massage of the soles

This is a special massage during which the therapist puts pressure on the soles of the patient’s feet and massages the reflex zones. The massage is based on the relationship between these reflex spots and the relevant organs in the body. The main effects of the massage are better blood supply to the organs, mobilization of minor joints of the foot, stretching of shortened muscles and stimulation of the reflex points.

Nordic Walking

This treatment is normal walk but with special canes that make the patient strain all the muscles in his body while the joints in lower limbs are relieved. Nordic walking is a very pleasant form of movement, which can be performed by everybody – both by a top athlete and by a beginner, both by a young man and by a senior.

Therapy Master

It is a special form of individual therapeutic physical training. Its concept was invented and patented in Norway. Therapy Master is used for various methods of physiotherapy. The principle consists in the client’s own activity in unstable positions, when he works with the weight of his own body and when a change of his centre of gravity is used for making the exercise easier or more difficult.

Impact Wave

A special device generates impact waves, the effects of which are many times more intensive than normal ultrasound. The treatment is successfully used for treating tennis elbow and other enthesopathies, heel spur, the syndrom of painful shoulder and inflammation of Achilles tendon.


Exilis is a unique instrument, which emits controlled doses of ultrasound waves and thermal energy into the tissue. Due to combining the mechanical effects of the waves with the even excitation of molecules, Exilis achieves excellent results and it is rightfully denoted as “painless liposuction”. Exilis is used for reducing fat pads, body shaping, eliminating cellulitis, and for improving skin elasticity, as well as for rejuvenating the skin.

Aesthetic Shock Wave Therapy

Shock wave therapy represents a new trend in modern aesthetic medicine. The main cause of cellulitis is the loss of flexibility of the subcutaneous connective tissue. The shock wave supports the resorption of scarred fibrous tissue, while reducing internal swelling and increasing skin flexibility. It eliminates cellulitis in a rapid and effective manner and, more importantly, the resultant effect lasts for many years.


This latest, computer controlled weight-loss method combines the benefits of two instruments in one, i.e. a myostimulator and a thermostimulator. Bodyter strengthens muscle tissue, reduces subcutaneous fat, and eliminates cellulitis.
The therapy comprises 6-10 applications. Bodyter effectively eliminates excessive fat deposits, improves the muscle tone, and strengthens the skin.


This most effective and painless, 3rd generation liposuction method permanently removes fat cells.
It is based on the controlled cooling of fat cells to induce the crystallization of lipids. The fat cells receive a signal that triggers their inevitable necrosis. This is followed by the slow extinction of cells and the gradual release of lipids. The body responds quite naturally by eliminating the damaged cells and the released lipids. With the elimination of the cells, the layer of fat becomes reduced. The tissue surrounding the fat cells is protected and it cannot be damaged because it does not respond to the cooling.

EEG Biofeedback

EEG Biofeedback is a highly specialised method the purpose of which is to activate the nervous system, namely to train attention and concentration, self control and self discipline (to reduce impulsiveness and hyperactivity), to improve intellectual performance, and to speed up reactions and perception.

EEG Biofeedback will allow you to control your brain waves. It is a self-learning method based on biological feedback. It means that you receive instantaneous, targeted and precise feedback about brainwave activity and you can learn to bring it into harmony.

How is it done?

Training takes the form of computer game, which you game only with the power of your mind, without keyboard or mouse. Using small electrode is scanned records of electric brain activity to the client. Signal is sorted, analyzed and transferred to the form of computer game which client plays only with himself intellectual activity without help of keyboard and mouse. He drives a car, flies by fighter plane. He masters “the game” only with his brain activity. Other words: brain manages itself. When the brain activity is increasing in desirable zone, it happens to remuneration for good results in the game. This way brain develops itself the process of learning of new suitable brain waves frequency. After the activity increases in unwanted zone, success in the game disappears. The whole process is similar to normal learning and exercising.

Brain is enormously adaptable and able to learn, so it can improve also its own activity, if the immediate and targeted information are provided to him. Therefore are training results usually permanent.

For who is EEG biofeedback suitable?

EEG biofeedback is suitable for anyone and without age limit. For everyone who wants to improve functioning of nervous system.


  • To learn to use maximum innate brain ability
  • To improve concentration and performance
  • To improve memory, to accelerate reactions
  • To be able to deal with stress, to modify sleep

All Spa Procedures Overview

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Primary Procedures

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Secondary Procedures

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Additional Procedures

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