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Stressless Spa Center

St. Joseph’s Spa

Modern spa centre spreads on one whole floor of St. Joseph Royal Regent spa hotel. On an area of more than 350 m2, the clients are provided with first class spa treatment of a top European standard.

In our St. Joseph’s spa we use the unique source of mineral water – the main quell of Karlovy Vary – the 72°C hot Spring. This water is used not only for most of the baths but also for other procedures.


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Modern spa centre directly in the heart of Karlovy Vary

St. Joseph‘s Spa was opened in 2010 and is able to continue in the best traditions of the former spa hotel Kurhaus St. Joseph, where thousands of clients successfully recovered, under the patronage of St. Joseph, since 1889.

Based on the decision of the Ministry of Health, the health department of the Regional Authority, the hotel is certified as a non-state medical facility with subsequent bed care. We meet the stringent requirements of all healthcare standards.

“Not only treat, but also restore to health“

All the treatment in St. Joseph‘s Spa is based on our main philosophy which can be briefly expressed in a slogan “ Not only treat, but also restore to health ”.

Top standard of treatment is guaranteed by full usage of the most valuable curative resource of Karlovy Vary – thermo-mineral water, as well as by high-tech devices, developed by highly renowned Czech and European experts in physiatry.

Therapeutic equipment itself would mean nothing without a team of top experts working with it. We have engaged skilled, highly experienced and recognized experts to our staff – namely masseurs, spa attendants, nurses and, above all, physicians and physiotherapists.

Last but not least factor of perfect and successful treatment is high standard of the approach to the clients and understanding for their individual wishes and needs.

Main indications

Besides traditional indications for the treatment in Karlovy Vary such as gastro-entherological diseases and metabolism disorders we focus above all on overweight cures and locomotor diseases, especially spinal problems and backaches.

For the successful treatment we will use both traditional ways based on unique natural resources as well as recognized and thoroughly tested modern methods; and finally we will aply the unique know-how of our own physicians and therapists.

Spa procedures

A comprehensive range of more than thirty treatments and procedures is used in the basic spa treatment program in St. Joseph‘s Spa, in accordance with specific indications and diagnoses of clients. We also provide wide offer of other procedures of our extra treatment and besides medical and curative procedures we also focuse on relaxation and aesthetic medicine procedures.

Primary Procedures

Basis of the spa treatment and the treatment plan

Secondary Procedures

Complement of the spa treatment plan

Additional Procedures

Procedures not included in hotel packages

Wellness & Relaxation

Aesthetic therapeutic and relaxation procedures

Standard Medical Services

St. Joseph’s Spa offers a wide spectrum of medical services:






Blood sugar


Orthopaedic examinations


Urological examination + ultrasonography


Diabetic examinations






Densitometry etc.

Comprehensive Spa Treatment

Comprehensive Spa Care for Adults

The comprehensive spa care program comprises 17 spa procedures per week (6 primary and 11 secondary procedures) and 1 medical examination per week. The number and the type of the spa procedures, medical examinations or consultations may be extended subject to a previous agreement with the attending physician.

Free screening

We offer free basic laboratory screening to all clients undergoing spa treatment for a minimum of 11 nights, i.e. 12 days.

Comprehensive Spa Care for Children

St. Joseph’s Spa also provides specialized care to children from 6 years age by means of a highly qualified pediatrician who guarantees purposeful and successful treatment of children without any developmental risks.
The one-week treatment program for children under 12 years includes 10 spa procedures and, as in the case of adults, the program may be extended subject to a consultation with the spa physician. Although there is no minimum age limit, we recommend spa treatment to children from 6 years of age. Children aged 12 years and older undergo the same treatment as adults.

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