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Magnificent Massages


Thai massage is an effective means for the treatment of various muscle disorders, as well as of long-term or chronic illnesses. It is based on the concept of energy lines flowing through the human body. It unblocks these energy lines by applying pressure on particular acupressure points, muscles and tendons in combination with the gentle stretching of the limbs and the spine. By using her fingers and the palms of her hands, as well as her forearms, elbows, feet and knees, the masseuse gradually relieves the body of tension and brings all its parts into harmony.

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Absolute Relaxation on the Way to Thailand and Back

The correct performance of the traditional Thai massage is based on the many years of experience of the Thai masseuses and on their knowledge of the energy lines flowing through the human body. Our masseuses fulfill all these preconditions and you may thus be certain that you will feel the beneficial effects of the Thai massage almost instantly.

Thai Candle Massage

Almond and coconut oil in liaison with shea butter are the essential ingredients of the massage candle, which is melted to infuse your body with the power of these refined gifts of nature. The massage is complemented with pepper peeling to pamper your feet and a steam bath to intensely moisturize and nourish your skin.

Thai Back Massage

The combination of specific massage techniques focuses on relieving your back of occasional or chronic pain. With the aid of relaxing emulsions containing menthol and camphor, it effectively removes blockades and tension in the area of the back, nape and shoulders. This type of therapy was originally used to relax riders after long journeys on horseback.

Tibetan Massage

This massage is ideal for those who have a sitting occupation or who suffer from joint, back and neck spine or cellulitis. While the massage intensely drains body liquids, aromatherapy eliminates toxins, purifies your body and smoothens your skin.

Thajská Aroma Massage

This massage revitalizes your body with the aid of aromatic oils, lavender, rosewood, eucalyptus, and mint extracts in combination with acupressure and reflex therapy, which is complemented with the inhalation of aromatic oils from red orange, sandalwood and jasmine essences emitted by aroma lamps. This type of therapy is aimed at achieving utmost relaxation and harmony of the soul (inhalation) and the body (massage techniques). This Thai massage was very popular on the Chinese and Japanese imperial court.

Thai Hot Lava Stone Massage

It is an ancient technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The massage employs 53 smooth lava rocks that were, according to legend, disgorged from a dragon’s den deep under the mountain. The stones are heated in a water bath and while still warm, they are applied to different parts of the body. At the same time, the individual parts of the body are massaged with two of the largest stones and hot oil. Essential oil from jasmine, sandalwood and lime is used for men, and oil from Moroccan rose and rosewood extracts is used for women. The heat penetrates through the skin to energize and relax the entire body. We offer different combinations of classic massage combined with hot lava stone massage.

Classic Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage, originally performed in Buddhist temples, is called “nuat” in Thai. With the aid of special movements and acupressure energy points, the combination of masterful techniques relieves the body of tension and reduces pain in the muscles, tendons and joints. The massage contributes to overall relaxation and a feeling of newly gained vitality and mental balance.

Thai Leg Massage

The massage of the lower parts of the legs is performed by applying pressure on different acupressure points, especially on the feet. The reflex therapy is combined with a massage starting from the toes and continuing upwards to the knees with the aid of 100% essential oil from the extracts of thyme, manuka, lemon grass, and eucalyptus, rosemary, mint and chestnut blossom balm. It effectively removes the feeling of heavy and tired legs. Today, the massage is also popular for its healing effects and for preventing civilization diseases associated with blood circulation disorders.

Thai Herbal Massage

The ancient Thai herbal massage uses linen sachets filled with a special mixture of herbs, grasses and aromatic substances, which is made according to an original formula dating back more than 6 centuries. The steam-heated sachets are applied to the parts of the body where most tension and pain are concentrated. This is followed by a relaxing massage with aromatic oils from extracts of jasmine, sandalwood and lime. The result is the total relaxation of the whole body and a positive feeling of mental well-being.

Thai Bamboo Massage

The bamboo massage exploits the exclusive Gerard’s technique to emphasize the relaxing, calming, regenerating and draining properties. This intensely bio stimulating and regenerating massage is applied to the face and body. It is either performed on specific zones prior to actual treatment or as a closing procedure. It improves health and is ideal for men (particularly for active athletes due to stimulating nervous and muscle functions and blood circulation and thereby enhancing the relaxing and calming effect), as well as for women (particularly for those suffering from cellulitis with swellings or fibrosis due to enhancing the draining and regenerating effect).

Additional Services for the Harmony of the Body and Soul

The Royal Regent offers the Skyland Wellness Centre, the Fitness + Gym, the Four Elements of Beauty salon, and the Sambutan Bodycare Studio.

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