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Beautiful Body in a Balance

Royal Derma Clinic

Directly in the hotel lobby, you will find the deluxe Royal Derma Clinic hair and beauty salon. It is open daily and offers facial or whole body beautifying treatment with the use of the premium Comfort Zone cosmetic product brand. You hair will be pampered by the exclusive Italian Medavita spa hair product line. We guarantee the highest quality of care, assortment and services in the deluxe standard while maintaining reasonable prices.

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Welcome to the Deluxe Hair & Beauty Salon

Proper skin care is the best way to get rid of everyday stereotypes and to achieve comforting relaxation. You will once again have that much desired youthful and relaxed look. Let yourself be carried away into a world where you will feel overwhelming passion for your beauty. Thanks to modern technology, we offer premium beauty care treatment and services. Our qualified beauty experts treat every customer as an individuality and they are always ready to help you make the right selection according to your specific wishes.

Face Care

Skin Resonance | treatment with strengthening and sedating effect for sensitive and delicate skin. Especially suitable for the skin with cuperosis.

Active Pureness Rebalancing | deep cleansing of the skin and reduction of superficial grease.

Active Pureness Regenerating | cleansing and deep regeneration of the skin.

Water Source | collagen treatment of the skin with intensive hydrating effect. It makes the skin elastic and refreshed.

Action Sublime | rejuvenating treatment comprising an exclusive massage. It revitalizes the skin and provides it with maximal relaxation. An ideal treatment for a mature skin.

Absolute Pearl | whitening treatment providing the skin with oxygen and stimulating the cell metabolism. The result is lightening of the skin, reducing of the pigment stalns and smoothing out the wrinkles.

Recover Touch | treatment with anti-oxidizing effect supplying the skin with necessary vitamins suitable for its nutrition. The results is firmness and brigthness of the skin.

Hydramemory | hydratation of the skin, regenerating its elasticity and mineralization.

Chrono Reverser | innovative peeling system, which restores the skin structure and stimulates it with fruit acids and vitamin C. Its long term effect leaves the skin radiant, flexible and smooth with an even skin tone.

Chrono Reverser with Collagen | regenerating the skin structure, stimulation of blood circulation, deep hydration and smoothing out wrinkles using collagen with a combination of fruit acids and C-vitamin.

Glorious Skin | intensive treatment for reducing mimic wrinkles. Using special massage technic it regenerates youthful appearance and gives an instant lifting effect.

Eye Supreme Firming | smoothing out wrinkles in the eye zone and recovering, strengthening and forming the skin around the eyes.

Eye Supreme with Collagen | hydration, nutrition and toning of the eye zone. Smoothing out wrinkles and remedy of the eye area.

Body Care

Body Strategist Nutritional | nourishing treatment providing the body with remineralization and nutrition, resulting in regeneration and strengthening.

Body Strategist + Cellulite Refiner | treatment for reduction of cellulite. It smoothes out the skin, regenerates its structure and recovers its elasticity. It has a draining effect and helps with slimming.

Body Strategist + Cellulite Remodeller | slimming treatment, using and alternative effect of warmth and cold it stimulates blood circulation and dissolution of fat. It regenerates the skin structure and recovers its elasticity. It supports the activity of lymph and positively influences forming of the figure shape.

Body Strategist Bust | treatment providing the bust with elasticity and hydration. It softly stimulates and strengthens the breast zone.

Body Strategist Cellulite Algae | dehydrating pack with sea grass resulting in a reduction of cellulite.

Body Strategist Bandages | procedure, which drains and oxidizes the tissue. The body contours are visibly remodelled. It leaves a pleasant feeling and a fragrant skin.

Sacred Nature | new type of skin treatment based on BIO line up to the standard of EcoCert certificate. It provides the skin with preservation and gives the organism a pleasant relaxation.

Revitalizing Mud | revitalizing pack of sea mud providing the organism with vitamins necessary for keeping a proper balance of the skin condition.

Monticelli Mud | full mud pack using mineral water with cleansing, draining and reducing effect. It removes dead cells from the skin and regenerates the mineral balance of the organism. An ideal preparation for slimming programs.

Detoxifying Mud Therapy | cooling mud pack with detoxifying, stimulative and slimming effects. It removes toxins and excessive liquid from the body and provides the organism with pleasant relaxation.

D-Age | antioxidant treatment regenerating, forming and plasticizing the skin. It has anti-aging effect and is suitable for strengthening the skin.

Slim Philosophy | program of intensive slimming and weight reduction.

Vitality | program of revitalization, nutrition and lifting for mature skin.

Forever Young | program of rejuvenating, forming and slimming.

Tranquillity Ritual | tranquilizing treatment supplying the skin with humidity and providing the body pleasant relaxation. Essential oils are applied according to the aromatherapeutic philosophy of the brand Comfort Zone.

Men’s Care

Man Space Performance | program of rejuvenating for men.

Man Space Pure Performance | treatment with an intensive cleansing of the skin.

Man Space Hydra Performance | treatment with an intensive regenerating and hydrating effect.

Man Space Age Performance | active treatment for the skin with anti-aging effects.

Hair Care

As hair is an inevitable part of beauty, our Four Elements of Beauty salon also offers hair styling services, including haircuts, hair dyeing, blow drying, hair and scalp treatment. You hair will be pampered by the exclusive Italian Medavita spa hair product line. Medavita professional hair care combines the power of natural substances with modern technology. Its motto is: “Swiss precision and Italian dynamics”.

Additional Services for the Harmony of the Body and Soul

The Royal Regent offers the Skyland Wellness Centre, the Fitness + Gym, the Four Elements of Beauty salon, and the Sambutan Bodycare Studio.

Which comfort suits you?

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