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Restaurant with a Rhythm

Mayflower Restaurant

As the entire hotel, the capacious restaurant is furnished in modern style. It offers a comfortable ambience with elegantly set tables and professional waiting staff. In the summer, the restaurant guests may enjoy the adjoining sunny terrace.

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A restaurant that dances to the rhythm of the guests

Browse through the photo gallery of the Mayflower Restaurant and listen to the romantic piano tones or let yourself be drawn into the rhythm of a traditional barrel-organ.

A Truly Variegated Menu Offer

All meals are served in buffet style and the wide buffet selection will surely suit the taste of everyone.

The choice of hot dishes is variegated and plentiful. The guests may select from several main courses, a wide choice of salads, and satiate their sweet tooth with homemade cakes or sundaes. A pleasant distraction are regular live music or thematic evenings.

A nutrition specialist will readily prepare an individual meal plan according to your specific diet.

The selection of wines is the same as in the lobby bar and comprises Vinofol quality wines.

Regular Concerts and Music Performances


Tuesday evenings at the Mayflower Restaurant flow to the rhythm of live piano music. For a perfect romantic evening.


The regular thematic evenings offer the guests the unique opportunity to taste traditional Czech dishes and specialities while listening to old Bohemian organ-barrel melodies.


On Thursday evenings, guests may listen to the vibrant tones of Antonín Zíta’s classic guitar.


On Sunday evenings, excellent singer Kateřina Bodláková takes the guests “Around the World” with well-know melodies.







We always prepare the daily menus from fresh and high-quality local ingredients with emphasis on a well-balanced diet.
We strive to make every meal an enjoyable gourmet experience that will leave a lasting impression on our guests.
Zdeněk Steininger

Executive Chef

We will gladly serve you according to your wish

Apart from the Mayflower Restaurant, the Royal Regent also offers the Regent’s Club Lobby Bar, the Esquire Lounge, and the neighboring Skyland Bar.

Inseparable part of your stay is

Which comfort suits you?

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