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Reviews of Royal Regent Hotel


We strive to offer all our guests and customers the ultimate in service and first class accommodation. We are proud if our guests appreciate us and share our satisfaction. On this page you will find a selection of customer reviews as well as the list of awards we have received for few years period of our hotel existence.

Some of the reviews from our guests

Our biggest pride is satisfied guests, below we chose some of the point of view on St. Joseph Royal Regent Hotel from our guests.

We thank the hotel staff for the excellent service. Especially we want to note the professionalism of the doctor Kochubey Irina, honey. Sister Vorlova Vladimira, restaurant staff for a delicious and varied meal. Many thanks

Moskva, 10th June 2018

We express our great gratitude for the impeccably rendered treatment services, attitude towards the holiday-makers, the whole staff of the hotel. You are all excellent professionals, experts in your field, it was nice to always go to all med.protsedury. bright comfortable rooms, polite staff, very good cuisine. We are from Siberia, from the city of Krasnoyarsk, we hope to come to you again if possible! For all the great human thanks.

Tarasova Svetlana and Anastasia

8th June 2018, Krasnoyarsk

From the bottom of our heart we want to thank the hotel employees for the wonderful rest and treatment. Many became for us not just good acquaintances and friends, but I would even say close relatives. Dr. Tatyana is an extraordinary person and a real professional. Svetlana and Marina are very attentive and helpful people. To all of them special words of gratitude.

Also I want to say a big thank you to the masseur George, Natalia (dry carbonate bag).

Special thanks to the restaurant staff: chef, dietitian for a varied menu and delicious dishes preparation. The service staff is polite and friendly. Mirka, Victoria, Monica – just super. I want to wish everyone health, so that when we come snob in the seventh time, they again met us with their kind smiles. And I really want to go back to the Royal Regent.

I did not mention Jana fro reception, and in fact it starts with a good mood

familia Schiptsovykh

Moscow, 6th June 2018

For more than 10 years we are comming to the KV, we are very helpful with water and healing. For the third time, we have selected your hotel.
Best Hotel! Perfect healing! Perfect Team!
We thank Andrew at the hotel reception very much – welcome guests with great enthusiasm. Just as young and very hard-working porter Kirill. Thank you also Dr. Bazayeva and her whole team. Thank Eve for my conscientious work.
Perfectly working the restaurant team headed by Monica! A big thank you to the hotel’s director, who is working diligently not only in his office but constantly supervising the entire hotel.
We are looking forward to a new meeting with you.

room 605

5th June 2018

In the hotel Royal Regent, we have been for rest for the fourth time. And every visit to Royal Regent is becoming sincere and more familiar. Such a feeling that you come to your big family, close and already native people. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all the staff of your Hotel from the reception. Wish each of you good health, happiness, prosperity to you and your loved ones, good luck on your life path, harmony in everything.

Tomorrow we are leaving, but I hope that this will be not for long time.

Room 614

Ufa, 24th May 2018

Many thanks to your hotel staff for the good attitude and for your sympathy. Special thanks to the cooks: everything was very tasty. We hope to have more time to rest and be cured here.

Sincerely, Natalia Maksimova

Natalia Maksimova

Moskva, 24th May 2018

We ended our stay in this wonderful hotel. Initially, we planned to stay here for 2 weeks, but forced to stay at least two (on the day of departure, the husband suddenly got into the hospital in cardiology). I want to express my endless gratitude to the entire management of the hotel, and especially to the director, for his help, attention, and sensitive human attitude! It’s no secret that the trouble of many service companies – hotels, restaurants, salons, poor management. In the Royal Regent, from year to year is getting better – one can feel a competent selection of specialists, both medical staff and managers. Many thanks for the professionalism and attention to the doctor Tatiana base, med.sestr Yana, Svetlana, of course, still – Marosha, diets Sharke’s sister, wonderful employees of the restaurant Monica, Mirke, Victoria. Vera at the reception desk. We come here, as to our home-so here it is cozy, warm, joyful! prosperity, success, well-coordinated work! May God return again! Many of our friends have become regular guests of this hotel and they do not see any other alternative either!

Putilov Elena and Alexander

Yekaterinburg, 11th May 2018

Many thanks to the hotel staff for a great vacation! Thank you for hearing and trying to get customers back. We have you at home. As always, see you next year.

Kom.505, Oksana, Irina, Arina Tsygankova

Petrohrad, 16th May 2018

Were in the hotel for the 2nd time. And once again we want to thank all the staff, starting with the reception desk, the doctor Irina Kochubei, the nurses on the schedule of procedures, all the doctors, the procedures, the chefs in the restaurant, the cleaners for attention, professionalism and sensitivity to the guests. Wishing you health, success, in your work. If possible, we will return to your hotel.

With the family of the Masalovs Tatyana and Vadim

We are grateful to the whole staff of your hotel for the smooth and clear work! Everyone in his place, from the waitress to the manager at the reception desk, performs his work qualitatively and quickly. Separate words of gratitude to Dr. Tatyana – literate, sensitive and sweet person. I would like to note the work of the medical staff: Zdenki, Katya, Marina, Svetlana, georgia and the rest, whom we do not remember by name! Prosper, develop, be healthy!

With HI. Nadezhda Chernaya

Moscow, 29th April 2018

In Karlovy Vary I go 22 years …. I was in different hotels …. Stay at your hotel is highly professional leadership:

1.Good recruitment.

2. Controlling.

3. Cleanliness and order in everything and everywhere !!! This is very important!

4.Hobility of the staff. Especially it would be desirable to note the work of nurses: Kratofilova Marina-golden hands, Iskrov Marina-a kind heart. I would like to wish everyone, all good health and to new interviews.

room 401

Kazan, 28th April 2018

We are grateful to all the employees of the Royal Regent hotel in the face of the director Jana Neveselogo for coherence in the work! I would like to say a big thank you: doctor Tatyana Bazaeva, spa manager Svetlana Rotari, physiotherapist Marosh, massage therapist Zdenka, physiotherapist Vladimir, sister nutritionist Sharka Bradacheva, waiter Victoria, reservation manager Marcel Shtkova, on-duty hotel administrators, especially responsive and attentive Vera. Special thanks for cleaning the room. Portier Cyril – hardworking, smiling, benevolent, Bravo. You all have created for us good conditions for quality treatment and fruitful recreation! Once again, thank you very much! And to new meetings. Good luck and prosperity!


24th April 2018

Huge words of gratitude to all the staff of the sanatorium of the Royal Regent hotel. Having fallen into a difficult moral situation on arrival in the Czech Republic, felt a lot of warmth, humanity, understanding on the part of the workers of this sanatorium. The treatment with the exhilarating is very attentive. Special thanks to dietician Sharke, Dr. Tatyana and Irina, your participation in our life is irreplaceable!!! Gratitude from us does not know and has no limits !!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Family Kudryashov Yuri and Galina from the distant city of Irkutsk!

504 - Family Kudryashov

Irkutsk, 20th April 2018

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