Fitness + Gym Studio | St. Joseph Royal Regent Hotel
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Fitness for Fun and for Free

Fitness + Gym Studio

In addition to the unique Skyland Wellness Centre, the above-standard amenities of the Royal Regent also include other facilities and services, which contribute to the perfect harmony of the mind, body and soul. One of them is the Fitness + Gym Studio, the hotel fitness studio with state-of-the-art equipment and a gym for therapeutic gymnastics. The studio is available free of charge to the hotel guests.

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Space for Working Out and Therapeutic Gymnastics

If you work out or exercise regularly, you will not get out of practice at our hotel. The Fitness + Gym Studio offers all that you need to keep fit. And if you do not exercise regularly, our hotel is the perfect place to start. Absolutely free.

Additional Services for the Harmony of the Body and Soul

The Royal Regent offers the Skyland Wellness Centre, the Fitness + Gym, the Four Elements of Beauty salon, and the Sambutan Bodycare Studio.

Which comfort suits you?

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