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We always seek to provide first-class services and premium accommodation to all our guests. We are proud if our guests appreciate our effort and share their satisfaction with us. On this page, you will find a selection of customer reviews along with an overview of the awards that our hotel has received despite its short existence.

Selected Guest Reviews

As satisfied guests are our greatest pride, below you will find a selection of what our guests think of the St. Joseph Royal Regent.

We would like to thank the entire hotel team for their perfect services, affection and understanding, especially Dr. Kochubey and the masseurs from massage rooms 7 and 10.
Best regards, Mr. and Mrs. Sapron Mr. & Mrs. Sapron

Moscow, 19 December 2014

It was my first stay at your hotel. I liked everything and the staff was great. The meals were excellent too. I wish the best of luck and success to the whole hotel team.
I look forward to seeing you again, R. Isakov R. Isakov

Moscow, 21 January 2015

We have been coming to Karlovy Vary for more than 10 years because the water and the treatment are most beneficial. We have chosen your hotel for the third time.The best hotel! Perfect treatment! A perfect team!
We would especially like to thank Andrejka at the reception for giving all the guests such a warm welcome, as well as young and hard-working porter Kirill. We would also like to thank Dr. Bazayeva and her team. And Eva for her painstaking work.
Monika and the entire restaurant team are doing a great job! Our big thanks also goes to the hotel director who, apart from being busy in his office, always makes sure that the hotel is running well.

We are looking forward to coming again. The Busto family

18 November 2014

I stayed at your hotel for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised by the hotel staff. I particularly liked the different baths and the little things, such as the good night chocolate at bedtime or the small gift for my birthday. The atmosphere was full of affection and comfort. We want to thank your hotel and your country for such a warm welcome. Diana

Ufa, 9 January 2015

I stayed with my girlfriend in room 524 and we both want to thank you for the great treatment and services. All the hotel employees are true professionals. Our special thanks goes to the chef and waitress Monika from the restaurant. Many thanks to you all.

Moscow, 2 September 2014

We sincerely thank the entire hotel team. From the moment of our arrival to our departure, we were treated superbly by everyone. Clean rooms, high quality treatment, well organised boarding – all that we found at your hotel.
We particularly thank Dr. Bazayeva, spa manager Svetlana along with the masseurs and receptionists.
Kindest regards, Mikhail and Taisa Kharitonov (room 623) Mikhail and Taisa Kharitonov

Moscow, 12 October 2014

It was our first time at your hotel since we had previously stayed at other hotels in Karlovy Vary. We must say, though, that we have not experienced such services and attention from the medical staff, the restaurant manager or the entire hotel staff anywhere else. We would like to thank for the cleaning of our room 523, for the gentle hands of the spa personnel, as well as the helpful receptionists. We wish you good health and happiness!

Sankt Peterburg

My name is Marina Selyametova and I have come to the Royal Regent for treatment seven times already. Doctor T. Bazayeva is an excellent physician and a professional like the rest of the hotel staff, including the spa nurses or the porters, namely Tomáš and Martin, who were always so helpful. Many thanks to you all. Marina Selyametova

5 August 2013

Thank you for the remarkable treatment and a relaxing stay. All the services were excellent. My room 624 was always nice and clean and all was exchanged in time. I would especially like to thank Markéta Háchová and Martina Doubková Prchalová. We wish happiness and health to the whole team. We are looking forward to our next visit! Tamara Kulagina


The Bryzgal family would like to thank the very complaisant hotel staff for the high quality of the services. We particularly appreciated the first-rate treatment and great meals.
We wish success to your hotel in the future. Thank you very much! The Bryzgal family

10 August 2014

We want to thank your hotel team for their complaisance and perfect services. My husband and I have been coming to Karlovy Vary on a regular basis for 10 years and this was our second stay at your hotel. The treatment is superb as is the boarding and the very pleasant restaurant staff and especially Monika. We thank all for their sensitive approach! Mr. & Mrs. Azimov

21 August 2014

Many thanks for everything! Everything was just great! We thank the entire hotel team. We look forward to coming again. Stay as perfect as you already are! The Kulikov family

Odessa, Ukraine , 5 August 2013

We have already stayed at your hotel four times and we like it more and more every time. From the girls at the reception over to the hotel porters, one can feel affection and attention everywhere and in everything. Our room was quite nice, neatness and cleanliness are a matter of course. We want to thank the hotel maids for their services. The boarding was also faultless. We also want to thank the chef and his team, and especially Monika, doctor Irina, the medical personnel, simply everyone.

16 September 2014

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